Zambia govt. prioritising manufacturing as key growth driver

18 Nov 2021

Zambia’s commerce minister Chipoka Mulenga has stated the government has prioritised the manufacturing sector as a critical growth driver, seeking to promote sustainable economic growth via facilitating trade and investment.

Mulenga added that manufacturing sector is a productivity, growth and innovation driver, essential elements that contribute to Zambia’s industrialisation agenda.

“It is important to note that this sector also serves as a key source of employment for many Zambians as it accounts for 7.9% of total employment in Zambia as of today,” said the commerce minister. “Over the period 2011-2020, the manufacturing sector recorded an average growth rate of 4.5% and an average contribution of around 7% to the gross domestic product over the same period.”

Despite the numerous challenges impacting the manufacturing sector in recent years, Mulenga went on to add “it is no doubt that as a country there is impressive potential to rebuild and strengthen Zambia’s economy into one that is broad-based with a strong manufacturing sector as its backbone”.

He said the government was also among to boost the competitiveness of locally manufactured products: “It is against this backdrop that the new dawn government is delighted to participate and support this year’s manufacturer’s week that has been hosted over the years by the Zambia Association of Manufacturers.”

“To achieve sustained economic development and become a prosperous middle-income country by 2030, we must rapidly transform the structure of our economy through industrialisation as espoused in the new dawn government’s strategic vision for the manufacturing sector which aims to lay the foundation for a steady rise in manufacturing output to at least 15% by 2026 and 25% by 2031 thereby stimulating economic growth and creating decent employment for our citizens,” Mulenga added.