Zambia committed to biodiversity in climate change fight

05 Nov 2021

Zambia is dedicated to biodiversity conservation, proper land management and tackling climate change in order to improve citizens’ socio-economic wellbeing, according to a senior government official. 

Collins Nzovu, Zambia’s Minister of Green Economy and Environment stated the government was aware that biodiversity conservation was essential to ensuring the company reaches its goal of becoming a green economy.

"I wish to share with you my government's determination to ensure that the green economy, which entails low carbon, resource-efficient and socially inclusive approach drives the economic transformation and recovery that we so desperately need," he said during the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference - COP26 - in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Minister added that Zambia must take biodiversity conservation more seriously, going on to say that the creation of a dedicated ministry would help to bolster efforts to deal with “forest loss, climate change, biosafety and environmental protection,” according to a Big News Network report.

Nzovu said the one organisation would encourage a development path that deems natural capital as a critical economic asset and beneficial for the poorest members of society.

The plans involve realigning portfolios to boost green investments, focused on renewable energy and resource efficiency, he added.

"However, we are constrained to achieve most of these targets in time due to inadequate financial resources, making it difficult for us to make our fair share contribution to global efforts in addressing these multiple challenges," he stated.

Nzovu went on to say that Zambia is currently engaged with the global community in establishing a new Global Biodiversity Framework.

In addition, President Hakainde Hichilema said for countries such as Zambia, climate change brings further challenges and exacerbates existing ones.

“Climate change makes it difficult for us to effectively address a number of socio-economic challenges in order to lift our people from high poverty levels so as to improve their livelihoods,” he added.